Dedicated servers with built-in
DDoS protection

zomiv's anti-DDoS solution Shield protects your servers from volumetric and L4 protocol-based attacks.
It is included in your subscription and comes without limits, no matter the scale of the attack.


zomiv’s DDoS Protection will instantly mitigate any DDoS attack that targets your infrastructure.

Instant Filtering

Traffic is continuously filtered through zomiv’s DDoS protection appliances, resulting in no delay in protection when an attack begins. DDoS attacks are typically detected and mitigated within 0 to 90 seconds.

Guaranteed Protection

Our DDoS appliances instantly protect against 25 common DDoS attacks, including any combination of attacks

Downtime Denied

DDoS appliances automatically drop DDoS traffic and ensure legitimate traffic remains unaffected, even during large-scale attacks.

Benefits of True DDoS Protection

Choose between DDoS shield

zomiv’s DDoS protection comes in two customizable options. Volumetric Shield and Full Shield -
both included in your subscription - with optionable upgrade to Expert DDoS Support.

Volumetric Shield

Volumetric attacks

Deployed on zomiv’s edge routers, Volumetric Shield detects and filters out DDoS attacks through firewall rules. Efficient against NTP, DNS, UDP, Memcached and other simple amplification attacks.

Full Shield

Volumetric + L4 protocol-based attacks

Deployed on dedicated anti-DDoS hardware in all our data centers, Full Shield intercepts amplification attacks plus TCP SYN, TCP ACK, and GRE flood attacks and filters out malicious packets using custom mitigation techniques. Comes with the custom option to avoid a TCP connection reset.

DDoS Mitigation System

Every server on the internet is a potential target for a devastating DDoS attack. These attacks use a variety of tactics and large volumes of traffic to bring down your website, often with the request of a ransom in return for the attack being stopped.

zomiv’s DDoS appliances provide front-line protection against the most harmful attacks against your online presence. Our protection services will instantly engage during an attack, dropping all attack traffic and routing legitimate traffic to your server. This ensures your services remain online at all times during an attack.

ddos scheme

The DDoS Protection System

Our DDoS protection service protects against the most common DDoS attack types, including:

HTTP and TCP Compatibility

Our DDoS protection is compatible with all server applications. Common applications include:

Proven Detection Algorithms

Our DDoS protection uses the latest and most effective methods of detecting and dropping attack traffic.


Expert DDoS support

Our DDoS Shield developers and DDoS mitigation experts will analyze your situation and past attacks to see
if there is a custom solution we can develop and implement for your service.

On-demand, starting from $150/hour.

This is a staging enviroment

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